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The most elaborate asset protection scheme yet...

Discuss anything relating to property protection, assessment etc.

The most elaborate asset protection scheme yet...

Postby grndslm » Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:37 pm

It's amazing, alright!

THIS is how you do it! :geek:
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Re: The most elaborate asset protection scheme yet...

Postby dgosborn » Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:51 pm

What is with the long chain of for-profits? Why not just straight to sweden? Why have the franchise fee at all?
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Re: The most elaborate asset protection scheme yet...

Postby Shikamaru » Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:14 pm

Asset protection, tax sheltering, and tax evasion are all separate concepts.

Asset protection is for purposes of protection from (or evasion of) creditors.

Tax sheltering are methodologies for reducing taxable income.

Tax evasion is evasion of the duty to pay taxes which is illegal.

Tax avoidance is minimizing one's taxes to that allowable by law and calculations which is legal.

Tax evasion, tax avoidance, and tax evasion are all classified as tax noncompliance.
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